Tarzan is one of the Vegas classic slots that is a must play if you are in a casino. The retriggering of the wheel bonus is one of the biggest appeals. It is common for the Tarzan game slots to go for  a long time without giving much benefits, but this changes when you reach the bonus round especially when a player reaches the multiplier stage, then there is so much.

Tarzan Slots Bonuses And Features

The great feature in the Tarzan slot is one of the reasons why it is very famous. Among the symbols in the bonus you find the monkey symbol, the elephant symbol, Jane and also Tarzan. Among the most beautiful bonus features is one the monkey jumps from one side of the screen to the other, dashes back and gives out a prize. It doesn’t pay a lot but it is an awesome sight.

A much better bonus is the elephant bonus which is signified by a stampede of the elephant. This is normally preceded by the rumbling of the chair and followed by a great win.

How To Play Tarzan Slot

It is possible to access the magical Vegas on a mobile, a desktop or even a tablet to play Tarzan. The online game that was developed by Microgaming has 5 reels and is also made up of 40 paylines was created based on the very popular book character the Tarzan.

The Tarzan character is a common and very popular feature on various movies and cartoons. The cartoon design together with the amazing sounds makes the whole theme feel like you are out in the jungle. Edgar Rice the creator of this fictional persona narrates of a little Tarzans parents attacked and killed in the wild, and the little child remains by himself. He is eventually taken in by apes that help bring him up. Magical Vegas which is one of the best online casinos, offers the experience of being a Tarzan


A book written in 1912 by the renowned writer Edgar Rice is the basis of the Tarzan. The original name of Tarzan is John Clayton III and his parents died in the vast African wild in the year 1888.

Adopted by apes, Tarzan becomes the leading honcho after he murders their leader known as kerchak. A lot of the imagery on the reels comes from the timeless classics of the Burroughs. Tarzans secret love Jane porter, Tarzan , a compass, many jungle animals like elephants, deer, apes, tigers and  antelopes, a machete , and a bongo drums. The background also shows the image of a jungle

Key Features

The common symbols are Tarzan, and also his logo, professor porter, Jane , and also the bonus wheels. Some of the remaining symbols include chimps, birds, apples, watermelons, leopards, oranges, and plums. The game features fixed pay lines that remain the same. The bets can be adjusted on the meter with at least 10 coins to use and with the sizes of the coins ranging from.01 all the way to .10.

With the auto play mode you can comfortably choose the exact number of games that you want to spin. Players can choose from either 10 or 25, or 50 or even 100 games

Tarzan Slots In Vegas

There are various versions of the Tarzan online slot game available in every casino found in Las Vegas or in many casinos online like Ruby Fortune . Pretty much every one of this versions is awesome. However in terms of graphics and also sound effects the last one tops them all.

Crying Out For A Bonus

The scatter symbol is the icon that will bring you a lot of rewards that you can use while on this adventure. While some are much better than the rest, the scatter symbol is capable of paying out multiples of the initial stake you placed. However at least three of them must be landed for the bonus feature round to begin.

Most of the features in the game are pegged on success, but it is yet to be seen whether this features alone are enough. This can however just be guessed by if one is not involved.

Bonus Wheel Game

This being the aboard of all the excitement, players should be ready to be surprised with the various features. What is the criteria used to start of the awesome bonus round features? The simplest way is to have on the reels 3 or even more bonus symbols then just like that all these rewards are yours. To understand more look at the bonuses offered and get to know why there is so much excitement about it.

With every trigger and retrigger of the bonus feature, the much greater multipliers you get at least up to 12 free spins. This comes together with rolling reels plus the wilds growing. By removing the winning icons from the reels the rolling reels create more space for other icons to take over their spaces. If by any chance a win is created by this then the player is paid for it and still the current wins also get off the reels and the circle continues.

By the help of growing reels on the other hand symbols are stacked one at a time with the help of wild symbols and this can cause a massive  win.


There are numerous bonus features to choose from on this online slot. Apart from the all important wild symbol which is a great asset in helping you get the necessary winning combos, there are many other things like the bonus rounds, the free rounds and also the awesome multipliers. Therefore stop delaying and come look for your wins.