Doctor Doctor- A Slot Machine That Will Give You HappinessWith the advancement in the technology, the need of being online is a necessity now. This is because each individual wants every kind of stuff on just a single click in his laptop. I am also that kind of person who wants the comfort at its best. I always want the thrilling experience in my life which I can share with my children. This sounds quite bookish to read but the actual aroma of the life that I feel is in the gambling games. And apart from all the available items, the type that I like the most is the slot.

When talking about this pokies game, the name sounds weird on the first thought as the doctor is something who is going to produce terror in everybody’s heart, but this post is fortunately not going to give you that tough feel, as this is about the popular slot game Doctor Doctor. It is actually 5 reels, 9 pay lines pokies with so many symbols. The logo Doctor Doctor is the wild symbol here. There is also a lip symbol, with the free spins as well being provided to the users.

When I played it, it was a tough go, as I didn’t want the feel as we can expect from the doctor or any hospital. But behaving practically I told to myself that it is not going to hurt that way. You may lose, but there are more chances of winning and also a big scope of improvement. So I move on and tried my luck in this amazing world.