Doctor Doctor- A Slot Machine That Will Give You Happiness

Doctor Doctor- A Slot Machine That Will Give You HappinessWith the advancement in the technology, the need of being online is a necessity now. This is because each individual wants every kind of stuff on just a single click in his laptop. I am also that kind of person who wants the comfort at its best. I always want the thrilling experience in my life which I can share with my children. This sounds quite bookish to read but the actual aroma of the life that I feel is in the gambling games. And apart from all the available items, the type that I like the most is the slot.

When talking about this pokies game, the name sounds weird on the first thought as the doctor is something who is going to produce terror in everybody’s heart, but this post is fortunately not going to give you that tough feel, as this is about the popular slot game Doctor Doctor. It is actually 5 reels, 9 pay lines pokies with so many symbols. The logo Doctor Doctor is the wild symbol here. There is also a lip symbol, with the free spins as well being provided to the users.

When I played it, it was a tough go, as I didn’t want the feel as we can expect from the doctor or any hospital. But behaving practically I told to myself that it is not going to hurt that way. You may lose, but there are more chances of winning and also a big scope of improvement. So I move on and tried my luck in this amazing world.

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When I was in New Zealand for my business meeting, I went with my wife. I planned to spend some quality time with her after the meeting. She really likes to watch exhibition or documentary movie type stuff. So after that, we went there and saw some culture programs of New Zealand as well. There she saw many books regarding all these which were they were explaining. So she bought some good ones.

After all this, we went for the shopping of Auckland stores. She likes to wear trendy clothes and accessories. I found the products and the stuff of the store were really nice. After all the shopping we came back to the hotel and he went to the spa to take massage and skin facial etc. Once I was searching some best kiwi online casino gaming websites like the spin palace where I could play some online casino pokies game with real money. in some countries, gambling is not legal so gamblers play with these sites and buy credits via PayPal to play.

In the night we went to the hotel’s restaurant. There were some people doing the promotional of the dating site so they were offering some dating games by which couple could know about their partner and all. After the all of this, I went to the casino for playing some betting ones, my wife also came with me. We all use to play these sometimes on the net and some time at land based places. And we all know that the New Zealand is also one of the best places where gambling is very famous. So there played my favorite one the Asian beauty. I love the secret mission of its. Many time I won the mystery box and jackpot in it. When I play it the first time because I saw many likes of my friends on the Facebook. This pokie based on the history of it. The wildcard symbols are pretty much good.

The theme and the graphics of this slot machine are really good. The ranking of this machine are very high and most of the people like to play it. At the end, I would suggest you read this blog and you will like it and play it with some real money.

Break Da Bank Slot To Collect Lots Of Real Money

It was a cold morning and I was watching schoolboys going to school from my bedroom’s window. So I too decided to have a walk toward wild. So I had a bath and went clean for the bingo walk. And when I was walking down the road I saw this new neighbor of mine, earlier he told me that he has been working in a bank and I had to talk to him about some mortgage.

Break Da Bank Slot To Collect Lots Of Real Money

So I went to him and said hello and I also invited him over for dinner on the very night. He came with a bottle of wine. We had it and after the dinner, I came directly to the point to talk about money as I was running little low that year. There he told me about this new slot game he has been also playing at that time. It was based on the very theme of breaking the bank and the title goes to Break Da Bank.

When he told me about online gambling I got little confused at first, but when he proceed he made me try it at least once. He told me about this online casino website called jackpot city where I read the reviews and checked the ratings of the pokie. He got me see some tutorial videos on youtube as well.

This video slot is a 5-reel, 30-line video slot crafted by Microgaming. It comes along with a vault symbol which is a logo of the game and can give you a maximum of twenty-five free spins. And this game is especially designed for people who love keeping their money in the vaults. And can be really helpful populating your bank account with real money you won. it reminded me of the famous soundtrack and made me download it by the Vimeo and Dailymotion when I won some bucks while playing this wonderful slot and made my account firm to avoid any loan. All thanks to Mr. new neighbor of mine.

Enjoy the video too.

Enjoy The Slot Of Bobs Bowling Bonanza For Full Entertainment

Enjoy The Slot Of Bobs Bowling Bonanza For Full EntertainmentIf bowling has been your favorite time pass then Microgaming has designed this game just for you guys. When it comes to me, I have played bowling when I was just 11 years old. Actually, my father brought me this small version of the play which I liked pretty much. The fun of shattering all the shapes was just indescribable, I really adored it.

I felt pretty excited again that the master of online casino Games Company has launched a pokie themed entirely on the bowling. The name of the slot is Bobs Bowling Bonanza, which is a five reel, thirty line video slots that are featuring a bonus game, a wild symbol, scatter symbol and many more exciting features as well.

When I played the pokie for the first time I felt like I am playing the real bowling. The amazing sound and the 3d graphics made you feel like the real play of it. The gaming begins in the bowling alley with all the linked symbols including Bowling Ball, Girlfriend, Trophy, Bowling Shoes and the strike.

Apart from the fun I also won some big money while enjoying the game. In my opinions one must play and enjoy the game with the free spin you got on registering on the vendor website and then after once you get savvy you should go for the real money. And to play with real money credits can be brought via PayPal account apart from it some vendors also give you some other options to buy the credits. Overall it’s an ultimate game for the bowling lovers to play and make money at the same time, a must try at least once.

Be Patient And Hit The Slot Of Crazy Chameleons To Win Bonuses

Hit The Slot Of Crazy Chameleons To Win Bonuses In the gambling world, the online casino slots are the lovable thing to me. The basic reason is that they are the main source of the cash amount and the rewards when it comes to the gambling houses. The basic fact involved here is that there are so many machines associated and so their cash amount and well. If a person wins, then the successive amount of the range of the slot machines added to it and so the amount increases gradually.

If we talk of the crazy chameleons, I moved to this pokie because of its amazing features and colors. It is a 5 reel machine with the theme of a set of crazy chameleons. It has so many symbols including the wild symbol as well that help in achieving the immense winning combos. When I decided to play this as suggested by one of my dear friend, being very suitable as a newbie, I felt quite nervous to move. I was like moving on a road with darkness and pathway unrevealed.Hit The Slot Of Crazy Chameleons To Win Bonuses

But after few trials, I felt really amazed and happy. So much of rewards and the bonus points made my confidence harder and from the day this game became my favorite. And I hope the readers here will feel the same after trying this.